Big Shout Out – Carpet Cleaning Service / Food & Beach


Hey guys,

Welcome to my first post on Live Musica – my name is Andy and I’m a musician from Liverpool and this is my blog.

I’ll review anything and anyone that I think is worth it – it doesn’t just have to be music related.

Anyway I’ve accepted this post on behalf of a friend and wanted to kick things off in the manner in which I mean to go on. So here we go…

Recommended – carpet cleaning service in Liverpool

Thanks Andy. I’d like to tell you all about a service that I had recently when I got my carpets cleaned, just check out carpet cleaners Liverpool and go to this site and you’ll be amazed at their service. Dirtbusters were totally professional beginning to end and they also cover carpet cleaning Wirral and Warrington areas so don’t be afraid to give them a call if you are in these areas even though it’s outside of the Liverpool area.

We were considering moving house and the estate agents basically told us to tidy the house up before they would let people come and view it so we did all the usual things such as decluttering etc but the house was still tatty, we got in touch Dave and it made such a difference to the overall property – boom!

Italian restaurant in Liverpool (totally recommended)


By the way if we’re talking about recommendations both Andy and I visited this Italian restaurant Liverpool city centre based place for a quick pizza and it was AMAZING! So if you’re looking for some great food in Liverpool check it out – just don’t go spilling it on your nice new clean carpets haha.

Andy and myself will be writing some new songs together and releasing them on our soundcloud channel at some point in the near future and we’d love it if you checked it out, we’re not quite there yet though you’ll have to wait and see but yeah it’s gonna be awesome.

Southport beach for the dog

happy doggy

Also, if you’re in the NorthWest you should visit Southport beach, we took the dog there a few weeks ago and it was mental! I’ve never seen such a big beach in all my live it just seems to go on forever. Our dog is Milo and he just ran himself until he was completely pooped, there was enough space that he could run and not be bumping into things like other dogs with their owners or joggers etc which always is a bit of a worry when you take a dog out to a wide open public space like a beach – but this was all good.

Anyway – got all that? Clean carpet, great food and a good day out!



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