Live Music Studio For Kids in Liverpool

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kids party Liverpool and other things to do in Liverpool with the kids

This week I’ve been looking at particularly good idea for kids parties in Liverpool by a company called Coverstar Experiences.

It’s a recording studio experience.

Now for those out there who are thinking “so what” – I’m a live recording artist and I’m always really happy when I see kids becoming musicians themselves and taking on a new role that will end up seeing them fulfilling their every desire as a musician for the rest of their lives.

So to see an experience that you can take your kids to so that they can not only have a great time but also experience what it is like to be in a recording studio for a day and get to take away a memory on a CD just makes me so happy I could sing (don’t try to stop me).

I’m not in Liverpool right now but I sure do plan to drop in (if they will have me) to have a look around the venue (which has been decorated in a prohibition style and just looks AMAZING!).

I’m now wondering if there are any other sort of experiences or parties like this anywhere else in the world or if this is just a one off – can you imagine the birthplace of my fave ever band The Beatles having this one time experience in their home town! Wow!

If you are local to that area then I’d love if you could leave me a comment below to let me know what, if any, your experience has been of Coverstar Experiences – I notice that they do quite a lot of other types of experience too such as hen parties and solo gigs which also look absolutely amazing!

I really did enjoy their blog post on things to do in Liverpool with the kids as well – I thought if were in the local area then this is a great little list and you should check it out (follow the link).

Signing off now guys, hope you leave a comment below and keep reading my ramblings of a mad musician offering his crazy insights into the world – KEEP IT REAL!


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